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Copyright Policy:

Maiva Corporation Limited Registered in England & Wales, No: 6522050 trading as Emails angel.

EmailsAngel respects with all earnestness the intellectual property of others so we also expect the same from others (whomsoever, users or account holders @ Emails angel).

We, Emails angel, would like our website visitors, customers or the users of our website to go through our copyright policy to understand much better about how we are so very concerned with intellectual rights or intellectual property. We also stress this here that our customers should make use of the facilities provided by us or through our web-based email sender or email software in an ethical manner.

Copyright infringement:

Every infringement will be taken seriously.

We may, in all appropriate circumstances and sometimes even at our own discretion (on identification of some unethical motives from the user or the account holders @ EmailsAngel), have the right to terminate the accounts of the users anytime we want to. We need no permission from anyone to do that as we take this step in defending ourselves.

Expectations from our clients or the users:

Taking our business emailing services suggest that you are ready to comply with our requests and strive to abide by the copyright policy of ours, related to the process of making use of our bulk email services.

Account creation:

On creation of an account at Emails angel, users gain access to inner panel which consists of web pages, web data, message center, free email templates, illustrations, appropriate graphics with all add or delete features etc. Users have opportunity to upload contacts from various other sources as well.

No Spam

Making use of our software for emailing prospective clients need to be carried out by abiding all Spam Act or Spam rules of respective countries (wherever implemented). We do not want to cause any sort of inconvenience to anyone in any form. We request the same as well from our users.

We have copyright to everything we have on our website:

You, as a user of our website or account holder at Emails angel for emailing services, acknowledge this that whatever the content (everything design, text, users’ panel with add or edit features, free web templates etc) available on our website or through our website is copyright property of us.
Trademark, with all legality and other proprietary rights are ours.

Account holders @ Emails Angel:

Emails angel owns the copyright in making selection, deletion and organization of whatsoever is there on our website for providing better email-service features to the clients. We also value the rights of the clients who upload their data for emailing purpose. Third parties own the right to make the changes in whatever way they would like to as we are not up to checking the email data being uploaded by the users from any online docs or offline docs etc. But, we expect hundred percent no spamming through our email software services.

Help @ Emails Angel:

If you would like to know more about us or our copyright policy and the right conferred on our account holders or the users of the website then please, email us. Send us an email to:

Request a call back from us:


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